Anime Adaptation of “Gomi no Kanojo: Garbage Waifus” Announced

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Today Sunrise announced that they have obtained the rights to the popular manga Gomi no Kanojo, or as it’s known in the Viz Media English release, Garbage Waifus. The series is about a waste management officer who must deal with girls that are personifications of different types of garbage. The manga has hit record sales in Japan and has consistently ranked at the top of Weekly Shonen Magazine’s popularity charts.

Gomi no Kanojo’s mangaka Haruto Suzuki has said of his series, “I’d been trying for years to tap into the psyche of the modern anime fan to create a hit series. Then one day I was reading a character popularity poll and saw characters like Asuna Yuuki, Yuki Nagato and Makise Kurisu topping the list, and I realized there was a demand for female characters who were literally garbage.”

“Once I had the initial idea, the characters just came to me automatically. The main character is Kami, who’s based on paper trash and has a suitably paper-thin personality to go alongside it. There’s Nama, who represents food scraps and has the unique personality trait of fighting a lot with protagonist but secretly liking him. Kinzoku is metallic trash and is yandere trash as well. And then there’s Niwa, who’s designed after yard trimmings, and much like yard trimmings, she just kind of gets stepped on all the time, without ever acting on any sort of desire or helping to move the plot forward in any way.”

Gomi no Kanojo’s characters have proven to be incredibly popular, ranking on favorite character polls before the anime had even been announced. Fans have praised the characters as being tremendously relatable, with one fan telling our staff, “All my life, people have been calling me otaku trash with no romantic prospects or life goals. But now I have a waifu who is just as garbage as I am, so I don’t feel so bad.”

For their part, Sunrise is excited to be working with Haruto Suzuki. “Doing Gomi no Kanojo the justice it deserves certainly won’t be easy but we feel we’re qualified for the job. The manga really reminded us of our time working on Love Live, I mean, we still get letters telling us that Nico is best girl, so clearly we know how to do garbage well.”

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