AWA Offers Special Area For Attendees to Get Their Annoying Shit Out of the Way

ATLANTA, GA – Anime Weekend Atlanta showed off a new feature today different from most other anime conventions across the country. Starting this year, the Atlanta convention is offering a “special space” where attendees can, according to organizers, “fully express themselves without potentially disturbing other con-goers”. The new area is a first for the convention with AWA hoping to supplement their growing attendance numbers by offering more to their attendees.

The space is currently hosted in a large conference room towards the back of the Cobb Galleria Centre. Those looking for the room should not have too much trouble. Organizers state to just look for the hallway with an individual blasting music on a Bluetooth speaker; it will lead to a set of doorways blocked by people in large fursuits. Anyone interested has been encouraged to stop by.

“It’s nice to be in a place where you feel like you really belong,” said one attendee in an ahegao hoodie. “I feel like people really get my unique style here.”

The center of the room features a cosplay photography area where visitors are allowed to walk in front of the cameras as many times as they deem fit until they get the urge out of their system. Those looking for a break from walking the convention floor will find plenty of seating next to dedicated vape charging stations. There are also multiple setups for Super Smash Bros. Melee with tournaments going on throughout the day.

“It’s great for AWA to open up a space like this,” another attendee holding a “Free Hugs” sign told our correspondent, who politely declined the offer. “Everyone is so nice here. I’ve already gotten two hugs. That’s twice the amount I normally get.”

AWA is hoping the featured area will be enough of a success to be implemented in upcoming years as well. The room will remain open for anyone to visit until 9pm today, after which the doors will be bolted shut until the convention’s closing ceremony on Sunday.

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