Brazzers Releases Adult DanMachi Parody ‘Is It Wrong to Try to Finger Girls in a Dungeon?’

Adult production company Brazzers surprised viewers when it released a pornographic parody of the anime series Is It Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon. While live action adaptations that violate their anime source material are nothing new, the release marks the first time that a major production company has tried their hand at a live action adaptation with explicit pornographic content.

Going by the title Is It Wrong to Try to Finger Girls in a Dungeon, the parody is a BDSM pornography that seems to involve the male lead trying to physically pleasure a multitude of girls in a dungeon setting. Like the anime, there is a fantasy adventure story that serves as a thin excuse to set up a single guy to gain the attention of various attractive women.

“When we were doing market research on what to make our next production on, anime turned out to be a good fit since our data showed most anime fans to already be pretty big perverts,” the production director told our reporters when questioned about the choice for the theme. “This Dan-whats-it show seemed like a perfect match since the female lead has this huge chest. We assume that’s why so many people were watching it. We couldn’t think of any other reason why else they would.”

Fan reception of the release has been mixed thus far. While some have praised the parody for breaking new ground, others have been displeased with how the series has been treated.

“This whole video is just kind of disturbing and gross. The people who watch this kind of stuff must be really pathetic,” incognito aficionado Evan Schwifler told Anime Maru. “Why would anyone want to watch a live action porno when there’s plenty of great hentai already out there? I prefer my porn in 2D like it was intended to be seen.”

Despite some kickback from fans, Brazzers has stated that the video has exceeded its expectations so far. The company has already announced plans to work on a second parody of a popular anime series, currently titled My Boner Academia, within the next upcoming months.

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