Breaking: Local Girl Super Strong, Trying Her Best

TOKYO, Japan – An area middle school student has become super strong today, according to local accounts.

The female student was initially observed displaying an increased amount of courage earlier this morning when witnesses claimed to see her greeting a neighbor, managing only to slightly fumble the later half of her sentence in the process. She was then seen moments later briskly walking towards the school, pausing just once when startled by a barking dog.

The trend of brave attempts continued inside the school where she was witnessed greeting a classmate before accidentally stumbling and falling into them. The classmate, when later asked, stated that they appreciated the attempted greeting despite the less than ideal execution.

Later during a class session partway through the day, the student was reportedly called on to answer a question, being able to do so after taking a few moments to frantically scan through the text. Despite the answer being for a question on a different page, other classmates stated that it was a valiant effort.

Several other accounts also claim that the girl was observed during the lunch break conversing with several others, trying her best to keep the conversation flowing. She appeared to have been prepared for the situation, having written several possible conversation topics on her hand taken from a magazine the night prior. While the topics were exhausted much quicker than expected, they did appear successful in extending the interaction beyond that of just primarily sitting in silence.

The strong middle schooler was last seen attempting to ask a friend if they wanted to walk home with her. After 10 minutes of mental contemplation, sources confirmed that she was able to successfully ask the question aloud, managing to faint only once in the process.

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