Coronavirus Blamed for Cancellation of ‘Haruhi’ Season 3

TOKYO, Japan — Animation studio Satelight has announced that the third season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to a recent press release. This announcement came as a shock to anime fans and media worldwide as there had been no announcement, or even rumor, of the studio even producing the series in the first place.

“As is the case for so many entertainment productions, we have been forced to cancel the new third season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya we have secretly been working on, due to COVID19,” said Satelight president Michiaki Satō. “We totally were almost done with the series too, but we’ll have to scrap it all now and it will unfortunately never be seen by the public.”

“Many people said a third season of Haruhi was doomed to be a disappointment, that the brand had been so watered down.” said series director Jun’ichi Wada. “But we were ready to prove the haters wrong. And we would have except for, you know, the whole cancelling thing.”

Otaku on Twitter shared their thoughts on the controversy.

“I know why the show was really cancelled, but that’s classified,” said user RuinedformarriageSOS. “But yeah it would be good to have more so someone would get all these references I make all the time. Everything has started to feel so boring!”

“I’ve been a big Haruhi fan since the beginning, so it is tough to hear we lost a new season,” said user NagatoNews17. “Wait. Are you saying back in the day there was a non-slice of life, non-gag comic series? I guess my dad had mentioned there was a classic series in the franchise…”

As a likely distributor of the series, Funimation was reached out to for comment.

“It is regrettable that such an anticipated series won’t be coming out,” said Funimation representative Spike Vincent. “But we can just license one more isekai and call it a day, no harm done.”

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