Cosplayers Riot During Instagram, Social Media Outage

Fear and panic gripped the social media influencers of the world yesterday when Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp all suffered simultaneous outages. Though the cause behind the disruption is still unknown, its immediate consequences were more apparent.

As multiple major social media platforms were unavailable, cosplayers across the nation were left in shock; the sudden disappearance of anonymous internet approval had rendered their hobby pointless. In addition to a spike of civilian calls to emergency services to report Facebook being inaccessible, there were also accounts of roving cosplay gangs taking over major civic centers, attempting to establish impromptu anime conventions and fan meet ups.

According to police reports, many cosplayers were observed attempting to coerce passers by through physical force to interact with them. Victims were forced to take pictures, accept autographs, and participate in Q&A’s.

The incidents faded away after normal access to the major social media services returned after roughly 8 hours. For some cosplayers, this brief time without social media will be remembered for a long time.

“Thinking about my fans kept me grounded, and I managed to stay strong. Worst hour and a half of my life,” commented Maxwell “BushidoCannon” Stanton told Anime Maru. “I was in such a dark place, I almost considered actually watching anime.”

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