Crunchyroll Buffering Mistaken for Dramatic Pause


ATLANTA, GA — What was perceived to be a dramatic pause to establish focus on a line of dialogue has turned out to be the Crunchyroll stream buffering. Sources report that Daniel Carter was sitting in his basement watching Aldnoah Zero late Wednesday evening when his stream was temporarily interrupted. The timing of the interruption was immediately after Slaine expressed his surprise toward being teleported back to Mars. The pause reportedly caught Carter’s attention, who was under the impression that Slaine has said something noteworthy for once.

Sources also report that for the first time all episode, Carter shifted his entire attention from the sporting event he was watching at the time to the anime. Carter grew suspicious after the pause continued for longer than 10 seconds. After 15 seconds, he realized that Crunchyroll was buffering and reluctantly refreshed the page.

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