Each Episode of ‘Psycho-Pass 3’ to be on Different Streaming Platform

Animation studio Production I.G announced today that every episode of the upcoming anime Psycho-Pass 3 will be available for international audiences on a different streaming platform. The third season of the popular anime series is set to air in October, when its first episode will be simulcast on Funimation. Hi-Dive announced they have secured the rights to the second episode, and then the third episode will be available exclusively on Hulu.

“Thanks to its rise in popularity and acceptance into the mainstream, there has never been more ways to watch anime!” said Jessica Reimstead of the Consumer Insight Group, a media-focused market research institute based in the United Kingdom. “This level of consumer choice is unparalleled, and is surely to please fans around the world.”

Crunchyroll is set to simulcast episode 4 in coastal U.S. states and on continents whose name begin with a vowel, except for Australia, where episode 4 will be available only on something called “AnimeLab”.

In the United Kingdom and Sweden, episode 5 will only be available on Japanese Niconico accounts belonging to people who have active American Amazon Prime accounts. For the rest of Europe and North America, the episode will be available on eBaum’s World.

The arrangement for the remaining episodes are not fully clear yet, but they are rumored the involve ESPN3, Mixer, YouTube TV, and NyaaTorrents.

Psycho-Pass 3 is expected to finish airing in early January for Japanese viewers. However, overseas fans will have to wait until June of 2020 to see the final episode, which is licensed by Netflix.

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