El Salvador Adopts Saint Quartz as Legal Tender

El Salvador has officially adopted Saint Quartz, a premium currency primarily used in the mobile game Fate/Grand Order, as legal tender after being approved by the Legislative Assembly. The adoption was first proposed by President Nayib Bukele at a recent conference after the president expressed disappointment in the results of one of his latest 10-pulls and stressed the need for the government to collect more of the currency.

As legal tender, businesses will be required to be able to accept payments made in Saint Quartz. El Salvador has used the U.S. dollar since transitioning away from its own currency in 2001. The dollar will still be considered legal tender though citizens are encouraged to convert their existing dollars into either Saint Quarts or servant summons.

The transition to Saint Quarts will not be without challenges. Skeptics have called into question the viability of a digital currency in a country where only 34% of the population uses the internet. The currency is also known to be fairly volatile, often rising and falling abruptly depending on current banner events. Training will likely be necessary before many in El Salvador are even able to begin using Saint Quartz.

“What the hell is a quartz? Is this some sort of gem we are supposed to barter with?” said Adriana Coronil, carrying a container back home in order to provide clean water for her family. “And I’m supposed to ‘roll’ them? I don’t quite understand.”

Despite potential risks, President Bukele insisted that the transition to Saint Quarts would more than pay for itself with 5-star servants and that a currency requiring access to and knowledge of certain technologies was ideal for a developing country with limited infrastructure.

El Salvador is not the only country to adopt a digital currency. The Bahamas also approved national adoption of a digital currency earlier this year, although it opted to go with Star Jewels, from The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage, instead of Saint Quartz, believing cute girls to have more potential for future economic growth than ancient heroes.

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