‘Eromanga Sensei’ Author Tsukasa Fushimi Once Again Passed Over for Nobel Prize in Literature

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — The Swedish Academy awarded American poet and essayist Louise Gluck the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature, once again snubbing Eromanga Sensei and Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai author Tsukasa Fushimi. Despite Fushimi’s exclusion being highlighted by the media for several years now, the Academy ardently continues to refuse to honor the most iconic novelist in Japanese literature.

At this time, critics are unsure if the literary titan known as “the father of moe incest light novels” will ever be recognized for his accomplishments — the Swedish Academy does not comment on prize selections. However, one member of the prize committee made a passing statement off the record, “Eromanga Sensei season 2 when?”

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