Fanfic Corner: The Big Love Live Theory

The scene opens with Chika laying in her bedroom. A bowl of mikan is seen sitting nearby.

“I wonder when You will get here. We need to plan how we’re going to become school idols,” Chika says to herself.

“Yousoro~!” You exclaims as she enters the room. The studio audience cheers at her signature entrance as You continues to hold a salute pose.

“Oh! It’s you!” Chika uses the pronoun version of ‘you’ instead of the name variant of the word. A few members of the audience let out a chuckle.

“Let’s get started. I already have some great costume ideas for our school idol debut. Hey, where’s Riko-chan?,” says You as she pauses to look around the room.

The camera changes to show Riko standing outside in the hall leading up to Chika’s bedroom. There is a hesitant expression on her face. At first the audience is unsure about why she looks like this. The camera zooms out to reveal that Shiitake, Chika’s family dog, is in the way of getting through the hallway. A few members of the audience laugh.

Shiitake doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to Riko. She gulps before attempting to slowly step past the large dog sitting in the hallway. She is almost about to move her second foot past when Shiitake suddenly turns and lets out a joyful bark.

Riko jolts back and quickly dashes into Chika’s room as the audiences cackles in laughter.

“Oh, Riko-chan! You made it,” says Chika.

“Huh? What did I make?” You thinks that Chika meant the name You rather than the word ‘you’. The audience bursts into laughter.

“Not you, You. I meant Riko-chan.” The clever wordplay is too much for one person in the front row of the studio audience who doubles over barely maintaining his breath through his laughter.

“Uhm yeah I’m here…” Riko looks nervously back to make sure Shiitake hasn’t actually followed her.

“Hey Riko-chan, check out the outfits I have planned for our next performance!” You excitedly states.

Riko walks over to take a look at You’s sketchpad. On the paper is a sketch of a colorful uniform-like outfit only with lots of frills and paired with a short skirt. Members of the audience react excitedly with some letting out a cheer.

“I-I don’t really know…,” Riko replies. “Don’t you think it’s kind of… embarrassing….”

“Awww come on. It’s cute!” says Chika. “This is just part of what it takes to be a school idol!”

The camera pans back over to Riko who is giving an odd uneasy looking face. The audience briefly laughs.

“Well in any case we have to put on our biggest performance yet,” says Chika. “I’m sure the first years are working hard as well.”

The scene then fades out to a shot of Hanamaru, Ruby, and Yoshiko meeting together in the library.

“Ah, I feel as if an external force is calling out to us. Perhaps this is a summoning to meet our destiny,” Yoshiko says as she presses two fingers against her forehead in concentration. The audience laughs for a few seconds.

“Yoshiko-chan, what do you think about this?” Ruby asks pointing at a book she has open.

“Ku-ku-ku. In this realm I do not know of such a name,” Yoshiko replies. “Within this space you shall refer to me as The Inquisitor of the Shadows!” Some members of the audience laugh at the reveal of the name.

“O-Okay… I-Inquisitor of the Shadows-chan,” says Ruby. The same audience members from before repeat their laughter as Ruby restates the name.

“My, no need to get worked up Yoshiko-chan. We’re just here to gather research on school idols zura,” replies Hanamaru.

“My name’s not Yoshiko! It’s Yohane! Yohane!” Yoshiko yells back, breaking her character. The easily amused fans in the audience who had been waiting for this line start laughing and clapping loudly.

“There are lots of books here,” says Hanamaru, ignoring Yoshiko’s response. “I’m sure we can find some about dancing zura.”

“I-I’m not sure how well I’ll do at dancing,” Ruby shyly replies. “But I want to do my Rubesty for the sake of my big sister.” The audience lets out a big “Awwwwww”.

“Ku-ku. Fear not little demon for the answer lies within this ancient script!” Yoshiko boldly states, holding up a book for the others to see.

“Hmm,” Hanamaru looks inquisitively at the book her friend is holding up. “I don’t know about that one Yoshiko-chan. That looks like a book on incantation rituals zura.”

“But how else are we supposed to gain followers?” Yoshiko asks. A few audience members chuckle.

“I think we should do something cuter and more idol-like,” Ruby states returning to the book she had picked out before. “I thought this looked like something we could maybe do.”

“Oooh. Nice pick Ruby-chan,” says Hanamaru looking over some of the pages highlighting basic dance moves. “With this maybe we’ll have a shot zura.”

The scene screen wipe transitions to Mari, Kanan, and Dia all gathered at Mari’s house.

“I hope you know that I have taken valuable time off from my duties on the student council in order to meet here,” Dia states in a somewhat serious tone.

“Oh come on now Dia, no need to be so serious,” Mari replies to the light laughter of a few members of the studio audience.

Kanan lets out a brief sigh. “It has been a while, but I see that you’re the same as usual Mari.”

Mari turns to face Kanan, eyeing her with a mischievous look on her face.

“Oh my Kanan, how you have grown.” Mari moves her hands to playfully grope Kanan.

“Hey, cut it out Mari,” says Kanan as she moves back. “We need to get serious about how we can save the school.”

Mari smirks as she turns slightly to face directly towards the camera.


The audience begins howling with laughter. A man in the back of the studio audience laughs so hard that he strains his throat and begins to cough violently.

Kanon waits a few moments for the laughter to die down before continuing with her next line. “Ahem. Anyway we need to think of how we can set a good example for the underclassmen.”

“Well it would be easier if some people took the responsibilities of an idol more seriously,” Dia states as she looks back over at Mari. Some people in the audience lightly laugh.

“You two are no fun,” Mari sulks as she leans back to sink into a nearby couch.

Kanan glances around the room. “We should still have some reference material around here back from our initial idol days.”

“I think there’s some in that drawer over there,” says Mari pointing across the room.

Dia and Kanan both get up and walk over to where Mari is pointing. Dia slides the drawer open and has a somewhat confused expression on her face as she looks at what is inside.

“Mari, there’s nothing but manga volumes in here,” Dia states.

Mari gives a slight smirk. “Oooh? I thought you wanted what you would read on your idle days.”

“Mari!” The two shout in unison. The audience erupts with laughter and starts clapping as the scene fades out. “Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou” begins to play as the credits scroll by.

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