Fans Concerned New Sonic Movie Will Fail to Live Up to Awfulness of the Games

The upcoming live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie revealed the new look of Sonic to generally positive reception from the public. The film was criticized back in April when the initial trailer revealed a nightmare inducing CG rendition of the blue hedgehog to audiences worldwide causing the film to be delayed in order for the visuals to be reworked. Fans are now expressing concerns that the new look of the film fails to capture the essence of the terrible games.

Traditionally, new Sonic games have given fans something to be disappointed about. Whether it is the inclusion of a terrible gimmick that makes little to no sense, a plethora of technical issues, or story elements that are downright painful to sit through, fans have come to expect a certain level of shittiness when it comes to the world of Sonic. Many stated that they felt the visual improvements to the movie took away much of the charm found in the games.

“While Sonic does look pretty good, what about the other characters?” commented one fan online. “I want to see more of Sonic’s friends. Where’s Tails, Knuckles, or Amy? Where’s the iconic characters like Charmy Bee or Jet the Hawk? Where’s Big the Cat for crying out loud?! God I want him to sit on my face so bad….”

So far, series antagonist Dr. Eggman has been the only character other than Sonic to be shown in officially released footage. However, fans did express that they were happy with the character being played by Jim Carey. Most felt the character’s portrayal as neither fat nor egg-shaped, and more like that of a Lazy Town villain, brought the movie closer to the disappointment of the games. Others still criticized the story previewed in the trailers as seeming far too generic for a movie based around Sonic.

“It feels like they are still missing the point,” stated online user soniceatsmychilidog98. “The trailer just shows Sonic running around really fast and trying to save the world. Why doesn’t he turn into a werewolf or become a knight or something? Personally, I think it would be better if he had a hoverboard or drove a car instead of running around all the time.”

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie’s director, Jeff Fowler, stated that he would remain open to feedback from the community in regards to the film. While it would be too late to incorporate any changes before the film’s final release, Fowler hinted that he was already considering a sequel which would feature an all new original Sonic character of his own design.

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