Final ‘My Sister, My Writer’ Episode to be Replaced by Footage of a Train Derailing

Television network AT-X recently announced that the airing of the latest and final episode of My Sister, My Writer, also known as ImoImo, would be canceled. Instead, AT-X stated it will be showing live action footage of a train encountering a brake failure before careening off its tracks and bursting into a ball of flames in a nearby ditch.

All nine of ImoImo’s regular viewers were devastated that they would not get an official conclusion to the exciting series, although many anime fans seemed perfectly content with the substitute. Some even expressed that the replacement was exactly what they were hoping to get out of the series anyway.

“I’m not sure why I’m still keeping up with this show to be honest,” anime fan and man whose irony had gone in concerning directions Roger Paddock stated. “At first I was really confused as to where they were going with this series with its awkward inconsistent animation, but I’m glad they are finally giving us the proper train wreck we always wanted.”

“I was planning to watch either this or A Certain Magical Index III,” commented another ImoImo viewer. “I think I made the right choice.”

Studio Magia Doraglier, the new anime studio behind the series, could not be reached for comment on the reason for the sudden cancellation of the final episode. Series director Hiroyuki Furukawa had been spotted a week prior purchasing a large pack of cigarettes from a convenience store, but only continued to walk past our correspondent with a dead stare when approached with questions regarding ImoImo.

Despite no official word as of yet, it is expected that the train wreck will eventually make it to a Blu-ray release with improvements to the visual quality of the crash and additional footage of the overturned train cars smoldering on the ground.

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