Funimation Announces SimulDub of ‘The Emoji Movie’


After the announcement on August 1 that Funimation had been purchased by Sony Pictures, Funimation announced today their first project in association with Sony — an English dub release of Sony’s The Emoji Movie.

Funimation released a press statement today regarding Funimation’s new direction.

“We were approached by Sony because our DVD and Blu-Ray releases were selling significantly more than theirs were. We initially thought that they wanted to help us fund new anime ventures, but as it turns out they wanted us to help them out with their own movies. We were initially weary, but they offered us way more money than you’d think for a company that has lost $86 million this quarter.”

“Now, some of you may be wondering, what’s the point of dubbing a movie into English when it’s already in English?” the statement continued. “We here at Funimation know that many people buy our releases because they love the actors we regularly cast. So we’ll be replacing TJ Miller in the main role with Crispin Freeman, the female lead character Jailbreak will be played by Cristina Vee, and the Poop emoji will be our equivalent of Sir Patrick Stewart, Vic Mignogna.”

Funimation will be releasing their dub of The Emoji Movie within the next week as an alternative theatrical release. The studio also announced further upcoming Funimation dub versions of Sony Pictures films.

“We’ll be releasing our dub of Blade Runner 2049 on its release date, with Alex Organ and Robert McCollum voicing the main parts to mirror the Psycho-Pass dub. We’ll also be going back and adding Funimation dubs to prior Sony movies, like 2016’s Ghostbusters with the entire cast of Strike Witches,” the statement concludes.

Response to Funimation’s new direction has been mixed, as hardcore Emoji Movie otaku have decried Funimation’s dubbing efforts and swear by the authenticity of the film’s original audio. However, most observers speculate this may be the first time a Funimation dub has been superior to the original.

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