Galactic Overlord Worries This Might Actually Be His Final Form

SLAVE PLANET 38W, Crab Claw Nebula — Among the Death Pits and Abyss Nodes of Planet 38W, hundreds of thousands of slaves from a countless different species toil by the will of the seemingly invincible Overlord Varrax the Eternal and Indomitable. Unbeknownst to those poor souls, their dark master has more then the thousand foot statue they will someday raise to his honor on his mind as he sits in his dark throne room deep in the planet’s core.

In his youth, Varrax had conquered hundreds of planets and enslaved millions. Heroes of these people rose with with courage and valor, but in time each would suffer the same gory fate as Varrax unlocked more and more of his latent powers. With each power up came a new form that struck fear into the hearts of his foes, and brought him fame and fortune among his villainous ilk. But that was decades ago, and now the Overlord of the Thousand Flames sits alone, no powers to be gained, no training to undertake, and no transformation left to his name.

“You know, back in the day I would gloat in battle that there was no end to the powers I possessed!” the King of a Dozen Hells told Anime Maru. “Really I looked so cool in that form, and I could stomp all of those hero types who came brandishing some glowing sword or secret assassination fist without so much as a second thought. But that was decades ago…”

But in recent years, transformations have become more of a challenge for the Harbinger of Doom. “I hit a brick wall, no matter how much I pushed myself I couldn’t find that next form.”

“Jucdar the Brutal from two galaxies over is able to transform into seven different forms and has a wife and kids. Sure, I have a million beings enslaved under my name, but its just not the same when every hero from here to Golgo 13 sees you as a has been!” he yelled. “Maybe if I paint myself gold I could call that a form…”

As of press time, Varrax, painted gold as per his rambling speech, has conquered a dozen uninhabited planets in the name of his own inadequacy. “This isn’t even my final form!” he yelled at the indigenous herbivores.

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