Guy at Office Revealed to Have Been Watching Anime All This Time


CUPERTINO, CA — Cody Baier, a 26-year-old software engineer at Apple, was revealed to have been watching anime while on the job for the past several months, according to a report sent to Anime Maru. This revelation has stunned the rest of the team and the management at Apple. In a clear display of amazing efficiency and intelligence, Baier’s fervent typing that many of his coworkers wrote off as coding was in fact rapid fire responses to MAL forums and reddit comments defaming his favorite anime series.

“We always knew he was passionate,” one coworker said. “But I guess it was about anime, not his job.”

Baier’s 10 hour work day consists of 6 hours of watching anime, 2 hours of responding to forums and comment threads, and 2 hours of listening to opening and ending songs. This stunning display of dedication to anime has consequently led to assumptions about his never before seen coding ability.

“Baier somehow managed to debug all of iOS 9. We thought he pulled an all-nighter for it, but it turns out he was just bingeing through Love Live. It’s like he can pull code from nowhere!” Cody’s boss said.

Even today, onlooking employees at Apple have been deceptively lulled into a false sense of security, believing that Baier is still confined to his desk programming for hours straight like the rest of them. According to the report, an intern who was fetching coffee noticed that Cody had written a program to automatically change his computer screen from a streaming site to an IDE when higher ups walk by.

“He always looks so focused so I’m afraid of distracting him. What if I suddenly mess up his anime schedule and he can no longer write the code we need? Better safe than sorry,” Baier’s manager told Anime Maru. 

Baier was unable to be reached for comment due to his busy schedule.

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