Hasbro Announces Live Action Gobots Movie, Netflix Anime

PAWTUCKET, RI — In an early morning press conference, toy giant Hasbro announced they had secured the rights to release both a live action movie and a Netflix original animated series based on the 1980’s toy franchise, the Gobots.

“We at Hasbro feel that following the recent wave of 80’s toy franchise revivals, now is the right time to bring the Gobots back to the world in style. We have both a completely new film produced by the great Steven Spielberg and an animated show produced exclusively for Netflix planned that we’re sure you’ll all love.”

Fans can expect their favorite Gobots to appear in both the film and animated series such as Leader-1, Cy-Kill and uh… well, we’re working on the rest OK?” a visibly frazzled Hasbro representative told Anime Maru.

Based on the Japanese “Machine Robo” line of toys, and regarded by many in their prime as a lesser version of Hasbro’s own Transformers franchise, the Gobots became part of Hasbro’s impressive array of licenses in the early 90’s when the toy giant bought rival Tonka. According to sources close to the toy giant, the film version of Gobots will focus on the the beginning of the conflict between the Guardians and Renegades against the backdrop of a dying planet where mechanization is the only means of survival for man and planet alike, while the animated series will follow the group’s adventures on Earth. Both projects will helmed by Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro. When asked about the film, Del Toro stated, “What the hell is a Gobot?”

Both the film and series are planned for release sometime in 2022.

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