Hayao Miyazaki Comes Out of Retirement to Make New TikTok Account

Legendary anime director Hayao Miyazaki announced that he would once again be coming out of retirement, this time to create videos on a brand new TikTok account.

Miyazaki is well known for his critically acclaimed works, such as Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke. While TikTok would certainly be new territory for the director, the announcement had fans clamoring to see what will come out of Miyazaki’s latest project.

“I’m just a real grinder, no cap,” Miyazaki told members of the press when asked about his decision to postpone his retirement.

Miyazaki has announced his retirement multiple times in the past; the first being in 1998 before returning only a year later to work on Spirited Away. His last directorial role on a full feature-length film was for 2013’s The Wind Rises.

For his new TikTok project, Miyazaki says he plans to post short lifestyle videos, unscripted rants, viral challenges, and any other spontaneous ideas he may happen to come up with. The new format, he claims, will enable a much higher level of creativity than ever before.

“I can pretty much vlog whenever I feel like it and get new content out on the daily,” said Miyazaki. “There really is no need to take years to produce just one movie anymore.”

Miyazaki posted his first TikTok shortly after the announcement where he can be seen on camera slamming rival director Makoto Shinkai’s film Weathering With You. Miyazaki followed up his post only 3 hours later with another video of himself slowly panning around a Lexus LS with his smartphone camera. Compressed hip hop music plays over the footage and the words “new whip” followed by several fire emojis appear onscreen before the video abruptly cuts off.

Only time will tell where this project may lead Miyazaki to next. The director hinted that he was also considering streaming on Twitch or starting a podcast for his next major endeavor.

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