High School to Experiment with Windows on Other Side of Classroom


KAGOSHIMA, Japan — The administrative board of Takebushi Senior High School in the city of Kagoshima has approved a plan to have windows on the left side of the room, when viewed from the teacher’s point of view. The newly-constructed public high school serving grades 10 through 12 is set to open next summer, and will be the first school in Japan to feature windows on the other side of the room.

The board approved the plan earlier this week, noting that there were no sensible reason why windows on always on the right, and the proposal would be an “exciting chance to create something really special in this community.”

Though the ambitious plan is a cause for excitement, not everyone is confident about the ambitious design. Some experts are concerned about the implications of having windows on the “wrong” side.

“It’s a tradition as sacred as culture festivals, those gate things going up a mountain, and KFC on Christmas,” said Ishizuke Tooya, a local resident critical of the announced design. Experts around the country have also warned of the revolutionary design distracting students and presenting a challenge to teachers.

“Where is the anime protagonist going to sit? The back left? Ludicrous,” a researcher at the Kyuushu Institute of Technology commented.

For what it’s worth, incoming students appear to be the ones who are least interested in the school’s architectural design. “I just hope there are fun clubs to join and a nice courtyard to enjoy lunch in,” prospective freshman Itou Taiji tells Anime Maru. “Frankly, I’m surprised no one really notices that the school will be teaching us to be magic-wielding warriors.”

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