Hunter x Hunter Staff Going On Hiatus to Play Every Dragon Quest Game


TOKYO, Japan — Hunter x Hunter director Koujina Hiroshi has announced that with the conclusion of the show’s 148th episode, the entire staff is going on hiatus to play every game in the Dragon Quest series.

“I’m not sure what brought it on,” Koujina said. “When we got close to the start of an all-new story arc — one fans have been anticipating for years — we just got this urge to hole ourselves up in an office and play a ton of RPGs. All of us, all at once!”

Koujina said that he doesn’t know how long the hiatus will be; ultimately, it could last “months or years, depending on how long it takes us to play through all the games.”

“We’re undecided on what ‘playing every Dragon Quest game’ means, too,” Koujina said. “Are we simply playing all the main games in the series? Do we also play the side games? What about remakes of the main games? There’s a lot to think about here. We’re taking this hiatus very seriously.”

Koujina is keeping silent on whether Hunter x Hunter manga author Togashi Yoshihiro may join them, but he did say they may invite some guests.

“I dunno, if we get bored we might call the guy who does Berserk so that we can play some iDOLM@STER,” Koujina said.

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