J.C. Staff Announces Plans To Continually 1-UP SHAFT

JC Shaft

Today, animation studio J.C. Staff announced their plans to now and forever beat Studio SHAFT at their own game. Founder and Acting President Tomoyuki Miyata stated in an impromptu press release, “You punks better step up your game, because we’re coming for you. Anything you can do, we can do better”.

Miyata went on the explain his brash proclamation. “You guys thought you were so special when you made a dark and edgy magical girl show. Pfft, that’s nothing. We made WIXOSS motherfuckers, the most depressing and sadistic show about girls playing card games ever”, he began.

Miyata then turned his attention to the current season, “Koufuku Graffiti is so literally last season. You think you punks can do foodgasms? Have you even seen Shokugeki no Souma? This is a show where food is so goddamn delicious, people’s clothes are explode in a hurricane-orgasm of flavor, and that’s just the pilot episode”.

“You think you’re the kings of slice of life? Hidamari Sketch might’ve gotten four seasons, but we made Azumanga Daioh, bitches. We made that while you babies were still sucking your thumbs. We pre-emptively kicked you ass on that one”, he boasted.

At the end of his press event, Miyata looked to the future, “So just bare in mind that we’re going to keep making superior versions of whatever crap you put out. We’re currently looking into making a harem even more frustrating than Nisekoi. Not sure if that’s even possible, but we’re up the challenge. Ya’ll better watch your backs”, he declared.

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