J.C. Staff Plagued with Recurring Blackouts While Animating ‘One-Punch Man’ Season 2

A key frame from the upcoming season of One Punch Man

Employees at J.C. Staff complained to media today about an issue with their landlord, who kept turning off the power in short intervals while they were animating the trailer for the upcoming sequel to One Punch Man.

The animation company had recently decided to cut costs on their production budget by paying their landlord as much as they paid their animators. Unfortunately, it turned out that their landlord was not an otaku with an unhealthy obsession with anime, so he responded by turning off the building’s power.

The initial blackout began as J.C. Staff were just starting the trailer, and lasted for three hours before the company was able to negotiate with the landlord to turn the power back on. Because the animation staff was on a tight production deadline, the staff elected to simply leave the sections where they were unable to animate as a black screen and move forward with the rest.

“It was particularly annoying because of how much effort we were planning for One Punch Man,” an animator confessed to reporters.

“We normally draw about 6-8 frames per second, but since One Punch Man fans have such high sakuga standards we were planning on animating the show at 24 frames per second. We lost about 190 frames in that initial blackout, so we had to leave the first 8 seconds of the trailer black.”

Unfortunately, the problems for J.C. Staff are not over, as the landlord then decided to keep turning the power on and off at random shorter intervals. This left the animators no choice but to stay on schedule and only animate the portions they were able to the power was on. 

“It’s a shame, we had some really great action scenes for new characters like Garou, but we were barely able to show them at all because we needed to keep moving on with the trailer.

“There really wasn’t enough time to get it all done. It completely screwed up the strictly organized 4 year schedule we’d been working on.”

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