Kirito from SAO Revealed as New ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ DLC Character

Recently released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch has already had an announcement that it will be receiving additional downloadable content featuring new characters. Joining earlier revealed Joker from popular Persona 5, Nintendo also revealed that Kirigaya Kazuto from Sword Art Online would be joining the game.

Similar to other playable characters, Kirito has been tailored to be as faithful as possible to his franchise counterpart. In the game he will use the original Aincrad-style of sword fighting, which reportedly makes him so overpowered that other characters have practically no real possibilities of defeating him. It is, however, possible to beat Kirito if the player using him decides to go easy on opponents, or if the said opponents use unfair strategies, such as hacks. If Kirito is defeated under such circumstances, the match still counts as a moral victory for Kirito.

Even though some Nintendo fans have complained that it makes no sense for Kirito to be so efficient against the colorful fantasy cast featuring multiple characters at least as powerful as him, game director Masahiro Sakurai assured fans that with bare minimum training Kirito could probably still beat everyone anyway because he is just that good, making the balance policy justified.

For the people worried about possible game balance issues, Sakurai offered the advice, “Why even fight against Kirito in the first place?” According to Sakurai, being friends with Kirito is much more fun because Kirito is such a cool guy.

“Kirito fighting Mario and other Nintendo characters doesn’t directly violate the SAO lore”, series creator Reki Kawahara stated in comments on the DLC reveal. “So you can now treat Smash as the official continuation of the canon SAO storyline. We can say he got trapped in the game again or something. This stuff almost writes itself, wouldn’t you say?”

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