Light Novel Plot Described as Love Icosiheptagon


PASADENA, CA — Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have discovered a 27-edged romantic conflict in the light novel Ore no Imouto to, Ore no Osananajimi to, Ore no Doukyuusei to, ano Depaato no Oneechan ga Ore wo Sawaru Koto wo Yamenai! (My Childhood Friend, Little Sister, Classmates, and that Girl at the Department Store Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Me!)

According to Professor Dillon Abernathy, the character relationships can be described as an undirected graph with 27 vertices, which has 351 NTR subplots.

“This is an extremely exciting discovery,” explains Abernathy, “finding a love icosiheptagon in a real light novel strengthens our theories of the existence of higher order love triangles.”

Abernathy’s research team has been working on describing theoretical romantic relationships, such as complex love triangles, where relationships extend into the imaginary plane. Even more exotic is the hypothetical existence of a love apeirogon, which has infinite sides.

“Imagine if Golden Time got a second season, that’d be approaching what a love apeirogon would look like,” Abernathy explains.

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