Local Man Learns Hiragana, Adds “Nihongo de ok” to Twitter Bio

ATHENS, GA — After declaring that he has mastered hiragana, Lance Williams, 19, has accordingly updated his twitter profile by appending “にほんごでOK”. In doing this Williams hopes to inform his 98 followers that he has competency in the Japanese language.

Williams has reportedly been studying Japanese for around a month, and has finally learned all the hiragana. “I get は and ほ mixed up a lot but I think I have it all down now,” Williams told Anime Maru. “It feels great to write in Japanese — こんいちわ!”

Williams says his next step will be to study some katakana and then graduate to translating hentai doujin. He plans to skip kanji because they “don’t make any sense” and “even Japanese people can’t read all of them.”

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