‘Macross Delta’ Leak Reveals 53-Sided Love Polygon

Macross 53

Ahead of a October 29th internet live stream intended to reveal more information regarding the upcoming Macross Delta, the newest anime in the long running Macross franchise, a anonymous leak has revealed that the anime will feature a “love-polygon” featuring an unheard of 53 characters. While Macross has always been known for its convoluted love stories featuring an ace pilot and one or more idol singers, many fans of the series have taken offense to the revelation that Delta’s entire cast will be involved in a net of romantic entanglement so complicated it is said that each episode will begin with flow chart explaining the situation in detail.

“This is insane!” posted Macross fan lynnminmay5ever on a popular site devoted to the Macross series. “It was a stretch back in Macross Frontier to have not one but TWO idol singers both vying for the main character, but if this is to be believed, Macross Delta will have at least six of them, a cat girl, two Zentradi women, and some kind of robot struggling to understand what it means to be human! How does any of that even make sense?  It reads like the plot to a bad erotic visual novel.”

There has been no confirmation from series creator Shoji Kawamori as to the validity of the leak, or if the rumored love triangle will truly feature at least three different kinds of monster girls, but most fans are waiting with baited breath until the live stream with hopes that this will all to turn out to be a simple case of misinformation.

“This is the sort of silliness is something I’d expect of Gundam,” added another long time Macross fan, completely ignoring the existence of Macross 7, an anime in which invisible space demons are defeated with the power of rock and roll. “But Macross? There is a legacy of quality associated with that name, and Studio Nue should be ashamed of themselves for tainting the series with this nonsense. Hopefully, all of this will turn out to be just a rumor, and we can all sit back and enjoying watching Macross Delta as it trots out the same plot the series has been recycling since 1982.”

In addition to the the rumored love triangle, said leak has also revealed the existence of a new Macross spin-off anime entitled Macross Idol Stage Omega. The new anime is said to feature younger versions of Lyn Minmay, Mylene Jenius, and Ranka Lee vying to be the best idol in their respective colony ship (SDF-01 Macross, Macross City 7, and Macross Frontier respectively) in a competition that spans galaxies and planets throughout the Macross universe. But no matter who wins, they’ve all lost. The anime will supposedly run for thirteen eleven-minute episodes and will premiere alongside Macross Delta early next year.

Macross Delta is the fourth TV anime in the franchise, following Macross Frontier, Macross 7, and the original SDF Macross from 1982. It will prominently feature Volcaloid Miku Hatsune as the singing voice of its lead female character, whose name and appearance are currently unknown. However she’s already confirmed to be the worst girl.

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