Man Finally Admits That The Tsukihime Anime Exists

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Stoughton, MA– Thirteen years after its airing, the Tsukihime anime still seems to plague the Type-Moon fanbase. While some will persist that the anime doesn’t exists, others have finally started coming to terms with the sad state of reality. Among these is Ryan Sodor, a victim of the anime since it was first licensed in the west.

“I remember being so excited for the anime. I had already played the original visual novel in Japanese.” Sodor recounts, “I was ready for some maids in action, or at least a passable dub. But I wasn’t prepared for that…”

After finishing the anime, Sodor isolated himself for a week. By the time he worked up the energy to leave his basement, Sodor had buried the anime deep within his subconscious.

“Initially, I didn’t want to get help. Part of me wanted to stay ignorant, I’d just repeat to myself that the anime wasn’t real. But after a few years I realized that I couldn’t stay in fear of Tsukihime for the rest of my life.”

Sodor sought professional help from the esteemed Dr. Nostrain. The doctor has made a name for himself helping people come to terms with the terrible parts of their fandoms. He famously had great success helping fans move on from the DEEN adaptation of Fate/Stay Night. But Tsukihime would prove to be something else entirely.

“It was much more difficult than the Stay Night case.” Nostrain wrote in his medical journal, “The Tsukihime anime has almost been deluded out of existence by the fandom’s collective unconscious. Lord knows what the visual novel’s remake will bring upon these poor souls.”

There is no Tsukihime anime

Images like this have been very detrimental to the healing process, and often confuse viewers as to who the best girl is.

The process of Sodor’s reformation was slow and arduous, there were many points where all hope seemed lost. But with enough persistence Sodor finally started to admit the Tsukihime anime was real.

“It was tough.” As Nostrain recalls, “ I’d show him the opening, and he’d always say that it looked good, which was not the answer we were looking for. We even had to marathon the series twice before he admitted that at least half of the episodes existed.”

Sodor’s outlook has changed since admitting that the Tsukihime anime exists. “Am I really better off admitting that the Tsukihime anime exists? I can’t say for sure. But I know one thing, we need to admit that this happened. We need to remember that this exists, so that we won’t let it happen again.”

Nostrain won a Nobel Prize in the anime category for his work on Sodor. As more psychologists study this case, there will be hope for others to accept the Tsukihime anime. Sodor himself currently runs a support group for his fellow victims. More research is being done to see if similar results can occur with deniers of Darker Than Black Season 2.

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