Man Reintegrates into Otaku Lifestyle After 20 Years Behind Bars


A man who has re-entered modern society after 10 years of prison expressed culture shock when he attempted to finish watching the original Fullmetal Alchemist.

Ofir Johnson was 18 when he stabbed a person with a fork, claiming was trying to steal his Dragon Ball Z figurine.

“The first thing I wanted to do when I got out was finish watching FMA. At the time, I thought that is seemed pretty decent,” Johnson said. “But then I went online and found out there was a second season? That wasn’t really a second season? Supposedly it was a reboot? That had the same first half of the original? Like WTF? Now what am I supposed to watch?”

Johnson elaborated on his distress, citing that he also received many recommendations to watch other shows such as Steins; Gate, Puella Madoka Magica, and Angel Beats. The endless show options and increasing number of illegal and free streaming sites seem to fill him with wonder.

“I watch different shows now because there’s all of this crazy stuff they have. And I don’t even need to watch them on YouTube anymore. In prison we got 30 minutes of television a day. Now there are all these ways to watch anime. What else to do but try them out?” he said, pointing out the novelty of MMORPG anime and creative, new depictions of harems.

“It’s a hard choice to pick out the show you want. For instance, there’s a shounen series. It has moe girls and fanservice and harems in it. And demons and monsters! Never seen anything like it before,” Johnson explained. He stated that he is still trying these shows and has a lot to catch up on.

“All these shows are so different and unique. Man, anime is so good!”

Despite losing the majority of his years when life was still possibly worthwhile, Johnson is optimistic and bears no resentment towards his imprisonment. He stated that he still has much to explore and do beyond just watching anime. He plans to partake in other activities in the safety of his room, including creating a Twitter account to stalk anime reviewers and mangaka. His dream is to eventually reach a significant number of followers and maybe even a retweet from a renowned mangaka.

“Being in society is a good thing,” he said. “I’ve been alone for a long time but now I’m making honest progress. It’s sort of like my duty to society to catch up on all the shows, good or bad.”

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