Man with Anime Avatar on OkCupid Really Not Getting Anywhere

TULSA, OK — Despite checking the website multiple times a day for the past several months, local man Doug Farland states that he has not had any luck finding a companion on the popular online dating site OkCupid. According to Farland, 32, he was encouraged to use the website after learning that it was a way to meet women on the internet without getting his account suspended. The lack of responses on his profile has left him disheartened.

“Maybe people are just intimidated by my outgoing and friendly nature,” Farland said, “Or maybe they just don’t appreciate the art that isĀ Ro-Kyu-Bu!.”

After our interview ended, Farland went back to his other futile endeavor: finding a job. He remains unemployed despite the fire hot anime avatar on his LinkedIn profile.

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