Marie Kondo Suggests Getting Rid of Everything in House but Anime Merchandise

Marie Kondo has recently gained internet buzz for her Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, as well as her philosophy that people should throw away anything that is not in some way anime merchandise.

“I subscribe to the philosophy that the only things in your house should be the things that spark joy, and from experience I know that the only thing that does that is anime merchandise. The only thing that gives me joy is staring at pictures and figures of my favorite characters, Misaka Mikoto and Accelerator, and my philosophy is based around getting rid of everything in the house that doesn’t fulfill that need.

To Kondo, any section of the house that is not filled with Index merchandise is wasted space. “You really need to consider how you’re best using space. For example, people put up anime posters on their walls, but they’re constantly forgetting that ceiling and floor space are available for giant murals of Misaka.”

Kondo has been praised for her ruthless efficiency in creating more space for anime merchandise. “You may think that you like air conditioning, but that space on the windowsill could be used to fit a small display case with more Misaka figures. Additionally, I’ve found basic household items like bedsheets and clothing can have pictures of Misaka if you’re dedicated enough.”

While Kondo has also faced criticism for her statement that people should only have 30 books in their house, she says that the statement was taken out of context. “I actually said that I only wanted to have 37 books in my house, specifically 24 volumes of A Certain Magical Index and 13 volumes of A Certain Scientific Railgun. How many books you should have in your house depends on how long your favorite series is, anything else you can just pirate.”

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