New Browser Game Features Anthropomorphic Anime Studios

lgoo, the maker of browser games such as Kantai Collection and Touken Ranbu, announced today that their newest online collection game, Production Paradise, will feature anthropomorphic versions of real-life anime studios. This new title will place players in the role of the owner of a struggling animation studio that they must staff with cute girls based on various anime studios, each of which has a personality based on their namesake’s history and past animated projects.

“We here at DMM have turned pretty much everything we could find into cute girls, but after Castle Collection, the team hit a wall,” according to official statement from “So we asked ourselves, what would hit that sweet spot between cute girls and things otaku like to learn useful facts about? And then it his us! Anime studios! While most anime fans might be able to name their favorite voice actor, composer, or artist, only the most hardcore fans have a favorite anime studio!”

In Production Paradise, which will be released this March, players begin the game with a single girl named Gaina. Though Gaina was once a popular animator whose work was beloved by fans and non-fans alike, she is now middle-aged and gets along by adapting other people’s work — poorly. Promotional materials revealed by the company read in part: “With Gaina’s help, you will be able to recruit more talent, including her younger sisters Khara and Trigger, and put together a team that can put out a hit anime every season? Or will you go under trying?”

DMM was nice enough to send us profiles and rough sketches for some of the girls that players will meet early on, so check below for a look at the girls you’ll force to make awful anime in the near future!

“I’m not that old!”
Age: 35
Likes: Giant Robots, Good Food, Nostalgia
Dislikes: Her sisters’ success





“Lets all take our time and make a miracle”
Age: 19
Likes: Being happy, classic music, short films
Dislikes: Mistreatment of others, depression, being on time





“Anythin Worth Doin is Worth Over Doin”
Age: 6
Likes: Fanservice, Explosions, Excess
Dislikes: Subtlety






Age: 40
Likes: Abstract Art, Chalkboards, Magical Girls, Nonaka Ai
Dislikes: Being reminded that Monogatari will end one day

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