New ‘Reverse Oculus Rift’ Shows Real World in 2D


TOKYO – Panasonic today unveiled The NiJiMe – a digital headset that transforms the real world into 2D.

The NiJiMe – short for Ni Jigen Megane or “2D Glasses” – uses special algorithms to give the 3D world a flatter, more “drawn” look, and adjusts the color palette to be more in line with anime. The algorithms also work on people, changing little sisters into imoutos, annoying girls at school into cute tsunderes, and a bored Starbucks barrista into polite, demure meidos.

Additionally, the NiJiMe includes powerful real-time graphic processing, which transforms school fights into shounen battles and boring mahjong games into wizardry duels with gigantic dragons, fire tornadoes, and unending waves of arrows and missiles.

According to Panasonic’s North American Head of Marketing, Selina Brock, the NiJiMe will also be used to encourage children to engage in a healthier lifestyle: “If every uninteresting and socially awkward gym class could suddenly become an ecchi oppai fest,” she told Anime Maru, “children will be clamoring for more exercise!”

The NiJiMe is expected to go on sale early next year.


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