Op-Ed: ‘Darling in the Franxx’ is Literally ‘Guilty Crown’ and You Idiots Fell for It


Atsushi Nishigori
Director, Darling in the Franxx

During the weeks leading up to Darling in the Franxx‘s premiere, I couldn’t help but notice all of the positive attention and headlines it made. But rather than giving myself a pat on the back for the hard work, all I did was rear my head back and laugh hysterically.

It appears that nobody realized that Darling in the Franxx in its entirety was just an experiment, and a lesser extent, a prank. It wasn’t conspiracy level stuff — if you gave it just a tidbit of thought, you’d have caught on. But I guess everyone was so disillusioned from the shitty second half of the series that the thought never occurred.

I’ll just spill the beans now: Darling in the Franxx is Guilty Crown in disguise, down to the details (that’s also why the opening theme song kicks total ass). The whole thing was an elaborate test to see if you morons learned your lesson from that garbage pile that aired seven years ago. Obviously, you failed.

If you still haven’t figured it out yet, let me spell out the obvious part for you.

In a post-apocalyptic, technologically advanced world, some sad nobody is approached by a sexually attractive, pink-haired enigmatic girl who then grants him a mysterious power. The two then proceed to combat the apparent evils that threaten humanity. Oh, and lots of mecha! They do so under the whims of a leader with cloudy motivations who ends up betraying them in a predictable fashion.

Both series wind up a cringe-infested melodrama with useless, out-of-place plot elements such as school festivals or weddings crammed in between. Characters seemingly devolve in personality as the conclusion approaches. All the while, people will still rave on the internet about how the show is the greatest thing ever, convincing themselves that the whole thing isn’t just a waste of time. The overarching conflict is eventually resolved in an anticlimactic manner, not that anyone would have cared at that point. In the end, the viewer will ultimately regret watching to begin with as they are met with utter disappointment.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve had my share of fun. The rest I’ll leave for those tryhards on reddit to farm fake internet points with. Next, maybe I’ll try recycling parts of Gurren Lagann again except with even more sexual innuendos and see how long it takes for any of you morons to notice.

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