Report: Average Anime Protagonist Doesn’t Have the Ability to Read

A recent study conducted by the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies has found that anime protagonists significantly under-perform academically compared to their peers, with many being unable to even read.

“Despite anime protagonists spending years in middle school and high school it seems they have somehow not gained even basic educational skills like reading,” lead researcher Itoshi Komyoji told Anime Maru.

Anime Maru reached out to anime protagonists for their reactions to these results.

“I always have fun on the adventures with my classmates,” said Izuku Uzumaki. “But we never seem to get time to do the actual lessons. Do you need to know how to read when you grow up?”

“My teachers would always threaten me with expulsion for missing class, but never follow through with that, or even make me do supplemental lessons,” said Atsuko Kiryuin. “But now at age 16 I’m too old to still be an anime female protagonist and I don’t qualify for an office job. I kind of feel like being able to read would be the most wonderful thing in the whole world!”

Anime advocates suggested that in lieu of reading, writing, and basic math skills, anime protagonists instead develop useful skills such as realizing when someone has a crush on them, or identifying people more powerful than themselves.

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