Sanrio Acquires License to Bongo Cat

SHINGAWA, TOKYO, Japan – Sanrio is world famous for its Hello Kitty brand, which has gone on to be one of the most recognizable and prolific brands of all time following its creation in the 1970’s. Although the company has enjoyed enduring success since its early days, none of its latter creations have approached the level of success as Hello Kitty.

Sanrio announced earlier today that it has purchased the rights to Bongo Cat, a curious meme that is a cartoon cat playing the bongos.

 “In the current climate of virtual Youtubers and anthropomorphic battle ships, sticking a cute cat character on a pencil case or an eraser just doesn’t cut it anymore,” corporate spokesperson Tanabe Hoitsu told Anime Maru. “We had great success appealing to the despondent boomer demographic with Aggretsuko earlier in the year, and we’re hoping to do the same for the millennials with the hit internet meme bongo cat into our brand family”.

American company Hasbro, one of Sanrio’s top competitors, has announced they will be entering the cryptocurrency market with a number of alternate coins based on some of their most well known franchises, such as Transformers, Digimon and Furby, to launch as soon as they’re done liquidating their existing Sanrio stock options.

Analysts expect Sanrio’s new Bongo Cat mascot to preform very well in Europe, a market that is desperate  to enjoy a high caliber quality meme.

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