‘Scorching Ping Pong Girls’ Blu-Ray to Ship Sweaty Limited Edition


The upcoming final limited edition volume of the anime series Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume (Scorching Ping Pong Girls) was recently revealed to be shipping with an additional bonus to entice potential buyers. Avex Pictures announced that the first run of the limited edition sixth volume will ship with a school gym uniform shirt, like that worn by series protagonist Agari Kamiya, soaked in the sweat of a junior high school girl. Shipments will be sealed in an airtight bag to prevent evaporation and ‘preserve the authenticity’.

 “We wanted to do something special for the fans. From feedback we know how much our fans enjoyed all the sweating in the show,” series director Yasuhiro Irie told Anime Maru. “We’ve heard nothing but praise from the buckets of sweat that the girls’ shirts get drenched in as they play the exciting game of table tennis!”

Avex Pictures has not yet disclosed how they have managed to procure such a large amount of sweaty shirts. It is assumed that the shirts were acquired after a series of intense table tennis matches involving various archetypes. Several middle schools in the Tokyo area expressed their dissatisfaction with the limited edition upon its announcement. Many schools stated that the release will only further contribute to the issue of increased locker thefts that seem to correlate with the end of certain anime seasons. A related incident occurred back in November when a man was caught attempting to steal a handful of ping pong paddles from a club room after school hours. Some schools have installed additional locks to on table tennis club rooms in order to address concerns about possible future incidents.

The sixth volume of Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume will go on sale on May 26 with the Blu-Ray release of the limited edition retailing for 7,000 yen. The initial pre-order has already sold out within hours of its announcement. Avex Pictures claims that more copies will be available for order in the coming weeks after it is able to overcome supply issues.

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