Summer 2018 Season Continues Trend of Having Exactly 7 Shows Worth Watching

With the final MyAnimeList rankings coming in, statistics analysts from MIT’s anime division have reported that the season has been in line with prior seasons from the past year in having exactly 7 anime worth watching.

“Based on MAL rankings, anime has been remarkably consistent in the past year.” The analysts disclosed in their seasonal report. “In Summer 2018 there were exactly 7 anime that had a MAL rating higher than 8.0, and this was also true of Spring 2018, Winter 2018 and Fall 2017.” The 7 anime that met this criteria were Gintama, Attack on Titan Season 3, Grand Blue, Overlord III, Asobi Aobase, High Score Girl and Banana Fish.

Analysts have determined that 8.0 is about the right cutoff for anime to be worth watching, as it currently covers 570 anime, which is more anime than any reasonable person should watch. Additionally, while MyAnimeList technically uses a score system out of 10 points, nearly every anime ranks above a 6.0, so 8.0 technically qualifies as average.

The majority of the analysts feel that this is a reasonable amount of good anime, as it’s enough to have some variety without being overwhelmed. However, others feel the high level of sequels skews the list, especially Gintama, which inexplicably has had 3 different sequels with separate entries in one year.

Fans of last season’s Cells at Work have objected to the analysts’ criteria placing their favorite show just below the “worth watching line” with its 7.91 score, but the analysts have assured these fans that MAL rankings are objective and unbiased indicators of quality.

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