Super Sonico Figure Tired of Being Objectified


Super Sonico Figure in her current state of residence, the video games shelf in Logan’s room.

KENOSHA, WI — A Taito-Manufactured Super Sonico Summer Beach Swimsuit Version figure owned by otaku Christopher Logan confessed to reporters that she was fed up with the way his friends have been treating her as a sexual object.

“Whenever my boyfriend’s buddies come over to watch anime it seems like none of them can take their eyes off of me, and frankly it’s kind of creepy. I mean, it’s really degrading to be viewed merely as an object for people’s weird sex drives, I don’t exist for just that purpose. I’m a representation of a fully fleshed out character, but they just see me as a plaything.”

The PVC figure continued to express her frustrations to our interviewer.

“None of them really know me. I know not one of them has bothered to watch the Super Sonico anime, they only care about me because of the way I look. To them I’m just another sexy character on the shelf, and you’d better believe that they don’t treat the figures of their waifus the same disrespectful way they treat me.”

“And really, it all comes down to my body. There’s so much more to me than just that, if they ever truly paid attention to me they might notice my interests like beach time fun and music. It’s like, come on guys, my eyes are up here, and look at them for a minute, they’re really well painted.”

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