Ted Cruz Facebook Page Posts Amazon Purchase of ‘Kiss x Sis’ Box Set


Texas Senator Ted Cruz garnered additional controversy on social media this week when the Senator’s official Facebook page shared an Amazon purchase of the Blu-ray collection of the anime series Kiss x Sis. Although the post was quickly retracted, Cruz’s over 2 million Facebook followers took notice to the odd purchase. The anime, which features an incestuous relationship between step siblings and depicts a large amount of sexual situations, drew questions from those who happened to see the post.

Cruz called the post a ‘staffing error’ and a mistake his staff is going to address, “I must have left my Amazon account logged in on one of the office computers,” Cruz stated in a later interview. “Somebody probably used it later not realizing it was under my name. It was an honest mistake and we have already taken steps to resolve the issue.”

Political critics were skeptical whether or not Cruz was the one who made the Amazon purchase. Cruz was later claimed to be overheard speaking with fellow Senator John Cornyn stating in his discussion, “You see, they’re not related by blood so there really shouldn’t be a problem.” Another Senator claimed to hear Cruz make a mention of Oreimo, calling it ‘pretty good’. Cruz’s spokeswoman, Catherine Frazier, responded to the allegations stating that the Amazon order had been canceled by staff; the order was made in error and had in no way been done by the Senator himself.

“It would be just like Cruz to declare he is for traditional conservative values only to then pleasure himself with incestuous fantasies once out of the eye of the public,” proclaimed Democratic Congressman Lloyd Doggett. “How hypocritical of him to have such a restrictive view on sex, supporting abstinence-only programs while he himself is out acquiring erotic material.”

Amazon representatives could not be reached for comment in regards to the purchase. However, the website did offer us a free copy of A Time for Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America with the purchase of Kiss x Sis vol 1. Currently, the offer is sold out at the time of reporting.

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