Teens Reported Chanting “Spooky Ougi” in a Dark Bathroom In Hopes That She Appears In the Mirror


A disturbing new trend has emerged in which young teenagers have been grouping together and piling into bathrooms to chant “Spooky Ougi” a minimum of three times in hopes that Ougi Oshino, from this season’s Owarimonogatari series appears in the mirror. No one knows quite why this trend has been growing from but reports and videos of this ritual have dominated social media. The trend can be traced back to 4chan message boards, in which users would type out “Spooky Ougi” in response to people commenting on the creepy and strange nature of the character.

Current reports state that attempts to partake in the ritual have resulted in seeing pink overtones, grey skin, and a school uniform in the mirror. Other reports claim to have heard a faint whisper of “Araragi”. One user said they heard a small voice saying “Kizumonogatari 2016″.

We contacted of a few of these individuals for an interview and they had this to say:

Very spooky. I was really hoping this would work, and I could really get spooked. Actually I find her to be really hot, and I was really hoping to get the 2D girl into the 3D realm. I wanted to have a real 2D waifu and this seemed as close as I could get.


…The most surprising part for me was that we were able to get so many weebs to actually leave their computers for a brief moment of time. Did I see anything? To be honest, no one in our group said they experienced anything unusual, or spooky, if you will. The scariest part of the whole experience was the stench of 7 unhygienic anime nerds all crammed into one small, unventilated room.

We here at the Anime Maru staff decided to try this urban legend out for ourselves. Here’s what we experienced:

ttchoubs: “I think my sleeves got longer.”

Morlock: “I was just trying to brush my sister’s teeth when she did the ‘Spooky Ougi’ chant. Spooked the hell out of me.”

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