Tesla Reveals Ahegao Cybertruck Trim

Tesla’s new electric Cybertruck has been generating substantial buzz since its initial unveiling. Consisting of a single form metal body, the polygonal-looking vehicle has been met with confusion as well as intrigue, generating over 200,000 pre-orders just days into its announcement.

The Cybertruck is planned to come in a variety of trims ranging from a single-motor base model with a range of 250 miles all the way up to a tri-motor all-wheel drive model capable of going 500 miles between charges. Now, in addition to these models, Tesla has announced that they will be offering a special premium “Ahegao” trim available in limited quantities.

Sporting a fully wrapped body covered in the faces of female manga characters in the midst of peak climax, the trim will look vastly different from the clean stainless steal panels of the regular models. The Ahegao edition will be based on the dual-motor trim and will come with several other additional features not found on the other models such as dakimakura seat cushioning and a set of edgy hentai themed stickers that drivers can plaster their back windshield with.

The Ahegao Cybertruck will still come equipped with Tesla’s supposedly unbreakable windows, which are available on all models. The durability of the windows was demonstrated at the press event when several attendees instinctively began throwing objects at the vehicle when it was brought onstage.

Each order of the Ahegao Cybertruck will also confusingly come with a table sheet listing a six digit number corresponding to each face printed on the body of the truck.

“The people interested in this will know what it means,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted to attendees of the announcement.

Despite the truck receiving criticism for its styling and generating quite a few uncomfortable looks from attendees upon its reveal, interest in the trim appears to be quite high. Tesla would not disclose pre-order numbers, but stated that the initial waiting list for the vehicle was already almost at full capacity.

Those interested in the Ahegao Cybertruck will be able to reserve one at the special price of $69,000 with production planned to begin sometime in 2021.

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