The Ten Commandments of Anime, Brought to You by Anime Maru



I: 2D Traps are the one true God; Thou shall not have other 3DPD gods before them.

II: Thou shall always root for imoutos.

III: Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s waifu

IV:  Thou shall steal thyn anime and mangos, but buy lewd figures: one for cherishing, one for reselling, and one for hot glue

V: Thou shall not worship false iDOLM@STER’s; honor thy one true μ‘s

VI: Thou shall not be attracted to lolis; unless they are 200-year-old vampire lolis.

VII: Thou shall not lie with a dakimakura as one lies with a woman.

VIII: Thou shall not watch Naruto or Sword Art Online, ironically or unironically.

IX: Thou shall not like Kirino, Hestia, or Umaru-chan.

X: Thine taste in anime shall always be shit.

About the author

ttchoubs: (pronounced choobs u plebz) Single-handedly responsible for the death of anime, ttchoubs enjoys spending 10% of his time watching Japanese animation and the other 90% denying others' accusations that he does. He has been banned for 3 countries for his taste in best girls. He also enjoys having lukewarm tea parties with his stuffed animal friends and therapist on the weekends.