Things to Do While Watching Glasslip


Bored while watching Glasslip? The following is a handy list of things you can do while you pretend to watch Glasslip:

  • Watch Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
  • Learn to type on a Dvorak keyboard
  • Tweet about how bored you are while watching Glasslip, then refresh Twitter for 20 minutes to check if you’ve elicited a response
  • Catch up on celebrity gossip
  • Put your mouse on your screen and move it around trying to get the cursor to go underneath the mouse
  • Go for a run in a full wetsuit
  • Repeat the show’s dialogue in Gilbert Gottfried’s accent
  • Write this entire post

About the author

Editor-in-Chief, CEO, and Fearless Leader of Anime Maru. He was trained by the North Korean People's Institute of Journalism and Media. kevo follows voice actresses on Twitter and pretends to understand their Japanese tweets. Twitter: @kevo31415