TurboTax Developer Releases ‘Doki Doki Tax Consultant!’

Intuit, a major American developer of financial software, announced today a new spinoff of its popular TurboTax software. Titled Doki Doki Tax Consultant!, the new software package aims to assist users with filing their taxes under the guise of a colorful interactive anime theme.

Intuit stated that the release is targeted toward younger demographics who traditionally have been turned off by the idea of filing their own income tax returns. The company hopes that the features of the program will be enough to encourage more young adults to begin preparing their own taxes.

Doki Doki Tax Consultant! plays out similar to a visual novel with the user imputing their name, date of birth, and current residence to begin a new session. The user is then guided through the process of filing their federal and state tax returns by a group of schoolgirl-financial consultants who assist the user through each step. Depending on the user’s deductions and types of income, certain girls can become more fond of the player. Users can further increase their relationship with the girls by making sure they fill out all the required information for their annual income and avoiding mistakes.

A character instructs the player in entering all taxable income for the year

“I find Doki Doki Tax Consultant! great mainly because of just how easy it is to use,” visual novel enthusiast and professional NEET Ryan Fencer, told Anime Maru. “All I have to do is type in my income for each step, which conveniently already has a zero for each field, and the program does the rest. The story is pretty good too.”

Intuit states that multiple endings await players depending on whether the person filing will owe money to the IRS. Contractors and the self-employed, for example, will receive a bad ending.

A tsundere-type character informing the player about a deduction they may have missed

Although the financial software has received praise from users so far, the title does come with a content warning from the developer. Intuit has cautioned users that some may find certain portions of the software disturbing, particularity when users find out how little income after taxes they actually make.

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