Underpaid Animator Not Really Complaining as the Sun Will Eventually Destroy All Life on Earth Anyway

TOKYO, JAPAN – Nakajima Satoshi, 29, stares blankly at his cluttered desk. Alone in a dark office building, the clock ticks towards midnight as he rushes towards yet another deadline.

The stressful nature of Japan’s work industry has become a well known topic of discussion, as ever more complaints over worker health and well-being are brought up in various media outlets. Low wages and hectic schedules aren’t outside the field of artistic industries either, and many animation studios and their employees struggle with the same questions daily.

“Every time I feel stressed, I just recount my blessings,” Nakajima smiles. “I could be born a child soldier or something, which would surely suck even more than drawing the key frames to a yet another fan-service oriented anime.”

According to Nakajima, being drafted as a child soldier would probably be the low of his lifetime. The idea of being indoctrinated to kill at such a young age would most certainly have long-lasting consequences on his psyche and any future prospects. He would be risking his life in yet another, cyclic and ultimately meaningless conflict – all for reasons he as a child wouldn’t probably even be capable of grasping.

“If that’s not enough for you, last night I saw this movie where a bunch of people crashed their plane on a remote mountain,” Nakajima recalls. “It wasn’t a good place to be in, and the survivors eventually had to resort to cannibalism. That’s pretty messed up, isn’t it? Stories like that really put the harsh overtimes and all the ruthless in-studio bullying into perspective.”

The daily schedule of Nakajima consists mostly of drawing in-between frames of jiggling breasts and some odd, seemingly innocent close-ups of bare feet.

“I do this every day basically for free, and the only prize I really get is the curious knowledge that someone, somewhere will masturbate to this. But do you know what’s going on with our Sun, though? In the future the Sun will age and grow in size, eventually killing all life on Earth. The Earth will burn and the oceans will boil, until the Sun eventually extinguishes, making all life in our now lightless world practically impossible. Think about that for a minute. Maybe things in our society don’t have to change after all,” Nakajima speculates, now heading back home to catch 3 hours of sleep before yet another day hard at work.

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