United Kingdom Gains Tsundere Status from European Union


BRUSSELS, Belgium — Following the vote in the United Kingdom to leave the European Union last week, British Prime Minister David Cameron met with EU leaders on Tuesday to negotiate for flexible concessions ahead of the long and complicated process that is soon to follow. EU leaders rebuked Cameron’s efforts and affirmed that the UK would receive no special privileges by officially reclassifying the UK from a member nation to a tsundere nation. The summit claimed that Britain was playing hard-to-get with the EU and being aggressive toward them to hide their true feelings.

“B-Baka! It’s not like I wanted to be part of their stupid union or anything! The EU is so clueless, always trying to decide whats best for us, acting like they don’t care,” said British politician Nigel Farage, a leading force behind the Brexit movement.

“Do I like the EU? W-What?! Where did you get such an idea!? That stupid EU. Wait, did you talk to them too? Did they mention us? What did they say?! I mean, not like I care, or anything…”

The United Kingdom was last seen trying to lose a few pounds to look good for EU again.

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