Urobuchi Gen Ceremonially Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey


TOKYO, Japan — As Thanksgiving approaches, at least one turkey can breathe easy.

Japanese novelist Urobuchi Gen pardoned a 32-pound female turkey this week, choosing not to kill the turkey off in a yet-undisclosed screenplay he was writing. An official announcement from Nitroplus stated that the turkey will not be slaughtered in dramatic and ironic fashion, and will continue to be a minor character and make irregular appearances throughout the story-line before being written out peacefully.

Nitroplus did not reveal any other details about the screenplay or why it apparently involves a turkey character, but the company did promise that an anime adaptation was coming soon.

Unsubstantiated rumors have claimed that while Urobuchi Gen did not kill off the turkey character, he did instead write a vivid and visceral scene where most the other characters are slaughtered in rapid succession. When asked about these allegations, Urobuchi responded, “no comment.”

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