Urobuchi Gen Retires After Receiving Internet Criticism


TOKYO, Japan — Author Urobuchi Gen has announced his retirement earlier this week after reading messages on social media that criticized his writing. Sources state that the 42-year-old was visibly upset and stormed out of the room upon reading a tweet.


The alleged tweet that compelled Urobuchi to retire, tracked down by Anime Maru

“I don’t know why anyone would say that about him. He’s very sensitive,” a source close to Urobuchi told Anime Maru. That source also disclosed that Urobuchi has not left his room for almost a day and sounds of sobbing could be heard from behind the door.

This is not the first piece of criticism that Urobuchi has encountered. Earlier this week, the author stumbled upon the following post in the Anime News Network forums.


“He’s been going through a lot,” sources told Anime Maru. “I think the tweet was the final straw.”

Thanks to @laureninspace for the initial idea.

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